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Regulations Issued by or Affecting OGE and Its Mission

Please note: The following regulations are current as of January 1, 2004 and are available in both HTML and PDF formats. Revisions, modifications and updates to these regulations after January 1, 2004, if any, can be found in the Federal Register Issuances for 2004 section of this web site. Responsibility for updating and maintaining the Code of Federal Regulations rests with the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration. The Code of Federal Regulations and other Federal Government information are also available online via GPO Access, a service of the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO). The regulations on this site are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used for legal research.


Subpart A - General Provisions
Sec. 2635.101 Basic obligation of Public Service. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.102 Definitions. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.103 Applicability to members of the uniformed services. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.104 Applicability to employees on detail. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.105 Supplemental agency regulations. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.106 Disciplinary and corrective action. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.107 Ethics advice. HTML PDF
Subpart B - Gifts From Outside Sources
Sec. 2635.201 Overview. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.202 General standards. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.203 Definitions. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.204 Exceptions. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.205 Proper disposition of prohibited gifts. HTML PDF
Subpart C - Gifts Between Employees
Sec. 2635.301 Overview. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.302 General standards. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.303 Definitions. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.304 Exceptions. HTML PDF
Subpart D - Conflicting Financial Interests
Sec. 2635.401 Overview. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.402 Disqualifying financial interests. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.403 Prohibited financial interests. HTML PDF
Subpart E - Impartiality in Performing Official Duties
Sec. 2635.501 Overview. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.502 Personal and business relationships. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.503 Extraordinary payments from former employers. HTML PDF
Subpart F - Seeking Other Employment
Sec. 2635.601 Overview. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.602 Applicability and related considerations. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.603 Definitions. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.604 Disqualification while seeking employment. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.605 Waiver or authorization permitting participation while seeking employment. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.606 Disqualification based on an arrangement concerning prospective employment or otherwise after negotiations. HTML PDF
Subpart G - Misuse of Position
Sec. 2635.701 Overview. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.703 Use of nonpublic information. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.704 Use of Government property. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.705 Use of official time. HTML PDF
Subpart H - Outside Activities
Sec. 2635.801 Overview. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.802 Conflicting outside employment and activities. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.803 Prior approval for outside employment and activities. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.804 Outside earned income limitations applicable to certain Presidential appointees and other noncareer employees. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.805 Service as an expert witness. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.806 Participation in professional associations. [Reserved] HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.807 Teaching, speaking and writing. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.808 Fundraising activities. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.809 Just financial obligations. HTML PDF
Subpart I - Related Statutory Authorities
Sec. 2635.901 General. HTML PDF
Sec. 2635.902 Related statutes. HTML PDF
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