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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

FMCSA is committed to implementing the Administration's core principle of an open and transparent Federal Government. In recognition of this fundamental commitment to open government, FMCSA is mindful of its responsibility for effectively performing its responsibilities under the FOIA. Consistent with these FOIA obligations to members of the public, FMCSA will continue to operate in the spirit of providing accessibility to non-exempt FOIA records. The FMCSA FOIA Office will:

  1. Exhibit a "presumption of openness" by making discretionary releases of records that may have been historically withheld.
  2. Make strong efforts to promptly process FOIA requests within the allowable 20 business days.
  3. Maintain open lines of communication with FOIA requesters.
  4. Encourage our Program Offices to place and keep current pertinent information on their sections of our public website.
  5. Proactively make records of interest available to the public either via the Electronic Reading Room, or other locations within our website.

Additional FOIA Resources

Motor Carrier Documents/Information Available without a FOIA Request

Updated: Monday, March 31, 2014
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