Bio/Nano-Photonics Cluster


Revolutionizing photonics-based solutions for medical, energy and other fields based on nano, molecular and macromolecular optoelectronic materials and devices

Complex Logistics Systems

Complex Logistics Systems

Transforming public-private logistics through the research and development of affordable, resilient, and sustainable solutions for large-scale logistics networks spanning the supply chain


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Computational Chemical Biology

Using computational science, modeling and simulation to tackle chemical problems and advance research within the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries, with applications to molecular biology and biochemistry

Consumer Experiences in Digital Environments

Consumer Experiences in Digital Environments

Developing social and economic strategies for global digital networks that impact human decision-making, consumption, and consumer experiences in retail, merchandising, hospitality, and tourism


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Developmental Integrative Biology Cluster

Developmental Integrative Biology

Expanding the physiology and genetics of development as a base for pure and applied health-related research

Hazards and Disaster Research

Hazards and Disaster Research to
Respond to Global Crises

Providing real world solutions to the complex challenges of domestic and global disaster planning, response and recovery through informed research and innovative multidisciplinary collaboration


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Human Security

Human Security, Democracy, and Global Development

Finding evidence-based solutions to prevent political violence, improve governance, and address global poverty


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iARTA Cluster

Initiative for Advanced Research in
Technology and the Arts

Exploring emerging technologies and new media for novel interactions between the arts, engineering and sciences


Knowledge Discovery from Digital Information

Developing innovative technologies to process and analyze massive amounts of digital information - from terabyte to petabyte

Materials Modeling Cluster

Materials Modeling

Advancing the theory and design of materials through modeling and simulation across length and time scales to produce solutions in medicine, energy, the environment and other disciplines


Multi-scale Surface Science and Engineering

Engineering surfaces, from the atomic to macro length scales, for the discovery of new science and products critical for current and next-generation applications


Renewable Bioproducts

Creating green solutions for the life cycle of consumer and industry products using plants, bacteria and other bio-agent materials


Renewable Energy and Conservation

Conducting research in renewable power generation, smart grid transmission, and efficient buildings to develop energy and technology strategies that address the region and nation’s 21st century conservation needs

Signaling Mechanisms in Plants

Signaling Mechanisms in Plants

Harnessing the ways plant cells communicate to find solutions for energy, agriculture, nutrition and medicine

Subantarctic Ecosystems and Biocultural Conservation

Sub-Antarctic Ecosystems and Biocultural Conservation

Integrating ecological sciences and environmental philosophy to preserve and understand the biocultural diversity of the sub-Antarctic ecoregion

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