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MSHA's Handbook Series

Coal Mine Safety and Health (Only)

PH89-V-1(21) Coal Mine Health Inspection Procedures - Chapter 1 - Respirable Dust

PH89-V-1(15) Coal Mine Health Inspection Procedures - Chapter 3 - Noise

PH89-V-1 Coal Mine Health Inspection Procedures
Chapter 5 - Diesel Exhaust Gas Monitoring

PH89-V-1 Coal Mine Health Inspection Procedures
Chapter 9 - Polyurethane Foam

PH92-V-6 Mine Ventilation Plan and Approval Procedures

PH93-V-7 Electrical Inspection Procedures Handbook

PH94-V-9 Uniform Mine File Procedures Handbook

PH07-01 Coal Mine Impoundment Inspection And Plan Review Handbook

PH08-V-1 Coal General Inspection Procedures Handbook and
Inspection Tracking System

PH-08-V-2 Carbon Monoxide And Atmospheric Monitoring Systems Inspection Procedures

Metal/Nonmetal Mine Safety and Health (Only)

PH06-IV-1(1) Metal And Nonmetal Health Inspection Procedures
PH09-IV-1 General Inspection Procedures

Coal, Metal/Nonmetal and Technical Support

PH99-I-4 Haul Road Inspection Handbook

PH00-I-5 Accident/Illness Investigations Procedures

PH01-I-6 Dump Point Safety

PH02-I-8 Hazard Complaint Procedures Handbook

PH05-I-4 Special Investigations Procedures

PH08-I-1 Citation and Order Writing Handbook for Coal Mines and Metal/Nonmetal Mines

PH08-I-2 Petitions for Modification

Education Policy and Development

PH03-III-1 Education and Training Procedures

Technical Support

PH89-II-1 Anemometer Calibration Procedures

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