NCI's Consumer Advocates in Research and Related Activities program is pleased to be collaborating with other programs at the National Institutes of Health and with other agencies and organizations, to build constructive, value-added models of research advocacy involvement in the biomedical research process.

Since its founding in 2001, the CARRA program has developed a well-defined and effective role for CARRA members: to represent the collective perspective of those whose lives are affected by cancer, in National Cancer Institute scientific research activities and in activities to communicate the results of that scientific research. CARRA members are recruited through a multi-stage application, review, and selection process; receive training and updates; and participate in a wide range of activities.

Although CARRA members belong to advocacy organizations and have several other advocacy roles in their organizations or communities back home, they understand that when they participate in NCI activities they carry no issues or agendas from either their personal cancer experiences or their advocacy organizations. Adhering to this guideline is critical to their continued participation as CARRA members.

CARRA continues to share its experience, information, and materials in collaboration with others, including:

Also see CARRA's collaboration with other Institutes and Centers.

Visitors to this CARRA web site are encouraged to explore all of its sections, and Contact Us with any questions or comments.