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Center for Veterinary Medicine
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Office of New Animal Drug Evaluation (HFV-100)

Center for Veterinary Medicine Mailing Address:
FDA/Center for Veterinary Medicine
7519 Standish Place
Rockville, Maryland 20855
Telephone Area Code: 240 (unless otherwise noted)

Building Codes:
MPN I - 7520 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN II - 7500 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN IV - 7519 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN V - 7529 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MOD II - 8401 Muirkirk Road, Laurel, MD

Revised January 25, 2008

OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR (HFV-100) Telephone Bldg Room
  Fax# 276-8242 276-8300 MPN II  
Dr. Steven D. Vaughn Director 276-8300  MPN II 387
Dr. David R. Newkirk Deputy Director for Administration 276-8307 MPN II 388
Vacant Deputy Director for Science Policy MPN II
Dr. Laura Hungerford Senior Advisor for Science Policy 276-8232 MPN II E389
Mrs. Brandi Robinson CSO (Executive Assistant) 276-8359  MPN II 386A 
Dr. Mohammad Sharar Special Assistant 276-9179 MPN II 482 
Dr. Lonnie W. Luther Special Assistant 276-8290 MPN II E363
Dr. Samuel L. Hansard II Quality Control Specialist 276-8129 MPN II E383
Dr. Charlotte Spires Senior Staff Veterinary Epidemiologist 276-8112 MPN II 484 
Bio Technology Staff Telephone Bldg  Room
Dr. Larisa Rudenko Senior Advisor for Biotechnology 276-8245 MPN II E302
Ms. Siobhan DeLancey Consumer Safety Officer 276-8247 MPN II E306
Dr. Jeffery S. Jones Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8246 MPN II E304
Policy Team (HFV-108) Telephone Bldg  Room
Ms. Gail L. Schmerfeld Supervisory Regulatory Counsel 276-8304 MPN II E384
Dr. Herman M. Schoenemann III Policy Analyst 276-8302 MPN II  E380
Dr. Katherine Weld Policy Analyst 276-8301 MPN II E377
Ms. Elizabeth Canter Information Management Specialist 276-8244 MPN II  E381
Dr. Norman J. Turner Staff Fellow (Pharmacist) 276-8293 MPN II E368
Mrs. Urvi P. Desai Regulatory Counsel 276-8297 MPN II  E372 
Vacant Writer/Editor MPN II 
Administrative Staff (HFV-106)    Telephone  Bldg   Room
Ms. Toni McCannon   Management Officer  276-8298  MPN II  E375
Mrs. Beverly Cook   Management Specialist  276-7562  MPN II  E382
Ms. Angel Mclean   Program Support Specialist  276-8303  MPN II  E383
ADUFATeam (HFV-106) Telephone Bldg  Room 
Dr. Diane Heinz  Regulatory Policy Analyst 276-8234 MPN II  390 
Mrs. Carol Foss Applications Examiner 276-8305 MPN II 386B
Generic Animal Drug Team (HFV-104) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Ken J. Harshman Team Leader 276-8197 MPN II  N461
Dr. Dianne T. McRae Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8196 MPN II N459
Dr. Jean E. Bowman Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8190 MPN II N446
Dr. Alice Weiss Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8191 MPN II N448
Ms. Sharon Ricciardo Consumer Safety Officer 276-8192 MPN II N450
Dr. Rosilend Lawson Veterinary Medical Officer 251-3318 MPN II N456
Vacant Veterinary Medical Officer 251-3318 MPN II  N453
Dr. Achintya Pal Staff Fellow (VMO) 276-9808 MPN II N454
Dr. Gerald Scott Melton Staff Fellow (VMO) 276-8194 MPN II N457
Quality Assurance Team (HFV-107) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Mary E. Allen Biologist 276-8128 MPN II  480
Dr. Robin Keyser Biologist 276-8130 MPN II 486B
Ms. Bonnie Bodo  Biologist  276-8198 MPN II 481
Mrs. Dominique Yearwood  Legal Insturments Examiner 276-8201 MPN II 485
Project Management Team (HFV-109) Telephone Bldg Room 
Mrs. Petra Garosi  Supervisory Project Manager 276-8292 MPN II E365
Mr. Jeremy Robbi Project Manager 276-8291 MPN II E364
Mr. Gregory Shaw Project Manager 276-8289 MPN II E361
Ms. Aila Albrecht Project Manager 276-8349 MPN II E358
Ms. Gloria Majors Biologist 276-8292 MPN II E366
Scientific Support Staff  Telephone Bldg Room
Risk Analysis Team (HFV-102)  
Vacant   Director, Scientific Support Staff   MPN II   
Vacant  Risk Assessment Manager   MPN II   
Vacant   Consumer Safety Officer   MPN II   
Dr. Dolores A. Beblo  Risk Analyst/Pharmacologist  276-8184 MPN II   N438
Environmental Safety Team Telephone Bldg Room
Mr. Charles E. Erikson III   Supervisory Team Leader  276-8173 MPN II  N424 
Dr. Eric Silberhorn   Biologist  276-8224 MPN II  N433 
Dr. Annette McCarthy   Biologist  276-8182 MPN II  N436 
Biometrics Team     Telephone Bldg  Room  
Dr. Anna B. Nevius   Supervisory Team Leader  276-8170 MPN II  N418 
Dr. Jesse Meneses   Mathematical Statistician  276-8164 MPN II   N412 
Dr. Mary J. Bartholomew   Mathematical Statistician  276-8172 MPN II   N422 
Ms. Laura Stets   Mathematical Statistician  276-8165 MPN II    N413 
Dr. Todd Blessinger   Mathematical Statistician  276-8162 MPN II    N410 
Dr. Robert J. Abugov   Mathematical Statistician  276-8168 MPN II    N416 
Ms. Virgina Recta   Mathematical Statistician  276-8160 MPN II    N408 
Ms. Yodo Adachi   Mathematical Statistician  276-8156 MPN II    N405 
Mr. David Petullo   Mathematical Statistician  276-8163 MPN II    N411 
Dr. Stephine Keeton   Mathematical Statistician  276-8161 MPN II    N409 
Dr. Veronica Taylor   Mathematical Statistician  276-8169 MPN II    N417 
Dr. Melanie R. Berson Director 276-8337 MPN II  N341 
Mr. Gregory S. Gates Consumer Safety Officer MPN II N325 
Vacant Consumer Safety Officer MPN II N336
Dr. Francis Pelsor Pharmacologist 276-8320 MPN II N316
Vacant Legal Instruments Examiner MPN II N327
Ms. Schuyler Winstead Staff Fellow (CSO) 276-8313 MPN II  N304
Team 1 Canine and Feline (HFV-112) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Elizabeth A. Luddy Team Leader, VMO 276-8312 MPN II N303
Dr. Lynn Walker Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8316 MPN II N309
Dr. Angela Clarke Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8318 MPN II N312
Dr. M. Cacia Masser Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8324 MPN II N322
Dr. Edward Chen Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8327 MPN II N326
Dr. Ann Stohlman Biologist 2768314 MPN II N306
Dr. Hope Baird  Veterinary Medical Officer  276-8317 MPN II  N310
Team 2 Canine, Feline and Equine (HFV-114) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Linda M. Wilmot Team Leader, VMO  276-8311 MPN II N301
Dr. Michele Sharkey Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8360 MPN II N342
Dr. Carmela Stamper Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8329 MPN II N328
Dr. Amy Omer   Veterinary Medical Officer   276-8336 MPN II   N339 
Dr. Barbara M. Leotta  Veterinary Medical Officer  276-8262 MPN II  N329
Dr. Lynne Oliver  Veterinary Medical Officer  276-8321  MPN II  N317 
Dr. Marshall Gagne  Staff Fellow  276-8315  MPN II  N307 
Team 3 Canine and Feline (HFV-116) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Steven Fleischer Supervisory Team Leader 276-8335 MPN II N335
Dr. Germaine Connolly Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8331 MPN II N331
Dr. Lisa Troutman Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8322 MPN II N319
Dr. Jocelyn Crawford  Veterinary Medical Officer  276-8332 MPN II N333
Dr. Annette Hiss Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8323 MPN II N320
Dr. Stuart Jeffrey Staff Fellow 276-8319 MPN II  N314
Vacant  Director MPN II N442
Ms. Leslie J. Groves Regulatory Information Specialist 276-8107 MPN II E450
Vacant Applications Examiner MPN II E458
Ruminant Drugs Team (HFV-126) Telephone Bldg Room
Vacant Supervisory Team Leader MPN II  E444
Dr. Daniel A. Benz Animal Scientist 276-8228 MPN II E439
Dr. Harlan J. Howard Biologist 276-8111 MPN II E461
Dr. Suzanne J. Sechen Animal Scientist 276-8105 MPN II E448
Dr. Amey L. Adams Biologist 276-8108 MPN II E451
Mr. Christopher Horstkamp  Consumer Safety Officer  276-8109 MPN II  E452
Dr. Gerald Rushin  Veterinary Medical Officer  276-8103  MPN II  E446 
Swine and Poultry Drugs Team (HFV-128) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Charles J. Andres Team Leader, Animal Scientist  276-8229 MPN II E440 
Ms. Patricia A. Ryan Consumer Safety Officer 276-8104 MPN II E447
Dr. Timothy Schell Biologist 276-8116 MPN II E459
Dr. Michele C. McGuinness Biologist 276-8115 MPNII E457
Dr. Tomislav Modric Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8114 MPN II E453
Vacant Director 276-8342 MPN II N348
Dr. Marilyn N. Martinez Pelsor Pharmacologist 276-8357 MPN II N368
Ms. Irma M. Carpenter Legal Instrument Examiner 276-8333 MPN II N360
Aquaculture Drugs Team (HFV-131) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Donald A. Prater Team Leader 276-8343 MPN II N350
Dr. Susan Storey Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8352 MPN II N361
Dr. Jennifer Matysczak  Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8338 MPN II  N343 
Dr. Matthew Lucia  Veterinary Medical Officer 276-9867  MPN II N370
Dr. Stacey Gore  Veterinary Medical Officer  276-8283 MPN II  N352 
Antimicrobial Drugs Team (HFV-133) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Cindy L. Burnsteel Team Leader 276-8341 MPN II N347
Dr. Michele Stull Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8351 MPN II N359
Dr. John Mussman Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8354 MPN II N363
Dr. Michele Kornele Veterinary Medical Officer 276-8355 MPN II N365
Dr. Melanie McLean  Veterinary Medical Officer  276-8340 MPN II  N345
Dr. Dorothy Baily  Staff Fellow  276-8353 MPN II  N362 
Dr. Joshua Hayes  Microbiologist  276-8345 MPN II  N353 
Antiparasitic & Physiologic Drugs Team (HFV-135) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Janis R. Messenheimer Team Leader 276-8348 MPN II N356
Dr. Sanja Modric Staff Fellow (VMO) 276-8339 MPN II N344
Dr. Emily Smith  Staff Fellow (VMO) 276-8344 MPN II  N351 
Ms. Sue Dessai Consumer Safety Officer 276-8346 MPN II  N355 
Mr. Dennis Bensley  Director 276-8268 MPN II   E334
Vacant Applications Examiner MPN II
Ms. Jessica Lawrence Consumer Safety Technician 276-8256 MPN II   E321
Mr. Daniel Burnette Staff Fellow (CSO) 276-8264 MPN II E330
Feed/Topical Team (HFV-141) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Rebecca Owen   Supervisory Team Leader 276-9842 MPN II E359
Mrs. Kalatu Kamara Chemist 276-8255 MPN II E320
Dr. Xikui Chen Chemist 276-8281 MPN II E352
Dr. Michael Oehlsen Chemist 276-8252 MPN II E316
Dr. Faye Wei Chemist 276-8250 MPN II E310
Dr. Scott Fontana Chemist  276-8259 MPN II  E325
Dr. Charli Long Staff Fellow (Chemist)  276-8280 MPN II   E351 
Antimicrobial Team (HFV-142) Telephone Bldg Room
Mrs. Mai Xuan Huynh Team Leader 276-8273 MPN II E340
Dr. Gregory Hunter Chemist 276-8263 MPN II E329
Mrs. Robin M. Stone Regulatory Information Specialist 276-8261 MPN II E327
Dr. Charles W. Gray, Jr. Chemist 276-8276 MPN II E346
Dr. Kristen Anderson Microbiologist 276-8275 MPN II E343
Ms. Renee Blosser  Microbiologist  276-8274 MPN II   E341 
Ms. Laura Huffman Consumer Safety Officer 276-8277 MPN II E347
Dr. James (Kevin) Rice Staff Fellow (Chemist) 276-8265 MPN II   E331 
Mr. Cory D. Evans  Staff Fellow (Chemist)  276-8258  MPN II   E324
Chemotherapeutics Team (HFV-143) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Charles O'Brien Supervisory Team Leader 276-8272 MPN II E339
Dr. Alem Ghiorghis Chemist 276-8266 MPN II E332
Mr. Norman R. Gregory Chemist 276-8253 MPN II E318
Dr. Raafat Fahmy Chemist 276-8251 MPN II E312
Dr. June Liang Chemist 276-8286 MPN II E357
Dr. Matthew Anderson Microbiologist 276-9843 MPN II E362
Dr. Elizabeth Cormier  Chemist  276-8285 MPN II E356
Biotherapeutics Team (HFV-144) Telephone Bldg Room
Mr. Michael Popek Microbiologist (Team Leader) 276-8269 MPN II E335
Dr. James Nitao Chemist 276-8248 MPN II E307
Dr. Bharati Dhruva Microbiologist 276-8284 MPN II E355
Dr. Joseph Cormier  Pharmacologist 276-9844  MPN II  E38
Generic Review Team (HFV-145) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Julie Bailey Supervisory Team Leader 276-8270 MPN II E337
Dr. Jean-Michel Campagne Chemist 276-8288 MPN II E360
Dr. Thomas Hendricks Senior Regulatory Review Officer 276-8257 MPN II E322
Dr. Stephanie Bowman Staff Fellow 276-8278 MPN II E348
Dr. Sudesh Kamath  Staff Fellow  276-8260  MPN II   E326
Dr. Karen Ekelman  Director 276-8225 MPN II  E435 
Elizabeth Vandeck Consumer Safety Technician 276-8208 MPN II E414
Vacant Consumer Safety Officer MPN II
Residue Chemistry Team (HFV-151) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Lynn G. Friedlander Team Leader 276-8226 MPN II E436
Dr. Julia A. Oriani Physical Scientist 276-8204 MPN II E410
Dr. Steven Brynes Chemist 276-8227 MPN II E438
Ms. Valerie B. Reeves Chemist 276-8207 MPN II E413
Dr. Dong Yan Chemist 276-8117 MPN II E464
Dr. Olutosin R. Idowu Chemist 276-8215 MPN II E423
Dr. Holly A. Erdely Staff Fellow (Toxicologist) 276-8205 MPN II E411
Toxicology Team (HFV-153) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Miriam Cecilia Aguila Supervisory Team Leader 276-8125 MPN II E478
Dr. Ana Haydee Fernandez Microbiologist 276-8210 MPN II E418
Dr. Kevin Greenlees Toxicologist 276-8214 MPN II E421
Dr. Devaraya R. Jagannath Toxicologist 276-8217 MPN II E426A
Dr. Miriam Cecilia Aguila Toxicologist 276-8125 MPN II E478
Dr. Tong Zhou  Toxicologist  276-8120 MPN II E468 
Dr. Ruth Barratt  Veterinary Medical Officer  276-8222 MPN II  E431
Microbial Food Safety Team (HFV-157) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Jeffrey M. Gilbert Team Leader 276-8174 MPN II E406
Dr. Karen Lampe Microbiologist 276-8218 MPN II E426
Dr. S. Steve Yan Microbiologist 276-8202 MPN II E407
Dr. Roger Jones Microbiologist 276-8121 MPN II E471
Dr. Ruby Singh Microbiologist 276-8209 MPN II E414

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