Self-Query the Data Banks

A self-query is a request by a practitioner, provider, or supplier for information about himself, herself, or their organization contained in the NPDB and the HIPDB. Practitioners, providers, and suppliers may self-query at any time. All self-query applications must be submitted through the on-line Self-Query Service.

Submitting a Self-Query

Subjects complete and transmit their self-queries through the secure on-line Self-Query Service. See helpful hints for submitting a self-query for more information on how to successfully submit a self-query application. A formatted copy of the self-query is generated immediately after electronic transmission. To complete the self-query process, print the formatted copy, sign and date it in the presence of a notary public, and mail the notarized self-query to the address specified. A self-query is not officially submitted until a signed and notarized paper copy is received by the Data Banks.

All self-queries must be notarized, and all fields in the notarization section must be completed. Any self-query received without notarization or with an incomplete notarization is rejected.

Since the NPDB-HIPDB does not accept stamped, photocopied, or faxed signatures, self-queries cannot be accepted via facsimile (fax) machines. Self-queriers may reduce transit time by submitting self-queries via U.S. Postal Service overnight mail, or by returning the form through another overnight delivery carrier to the following street address: NPDB-HIPDB, 4094 Majestic Lane, PMB-332, Fairfax, Virginia 22033.

Self-Query Fees

The fee for self-query requests is $8.00 for each Data Bank, for a total of $16.00. The fee must be paid for by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). Personal checks and cash are not accepted. Credit card information may be provided either on-line or written on the formatted copy that is printed for notarization. The credit card will not be charged until the NPDB-HIPDB receives and processes the notarized self-query. A notarized self-query lacking credit card information will be rejected.

All self-query requests are automatically sent to both the NPDB and the HIPDB, with the exception of organization self-queries. Organization self-queries are sent only to the HIPDB.

Self-Query Responses

A self-querier will receive either a notification that no information exists in the Data Banks, or a copy of all report information on the subject submitted by eligible reporting entities. Self-query responses are mailed only via U.S. Postal Service First-Class Mail to the self-querier’s address (home or work). Please note that responses will not be faxed or express mailed to self-queriers. Please do not send prepaid or self-addressed envelopes to the Data Banks. In compliance with the Privacy Act of 1974, the results of an individual self-query are sent only to the practitioner's home or work address as certified on the self-query form.

Self-Query Status

The on-line Self-Query Service allows subjects to check the status of a self-query immediately after it is transmitted. A Data Bank Control Number (DCN) displays at the top of the formatted copy that self-queriers print for notarization and final submission to track the status of the self-query.

For more details on self-querying, see the Fact Sheet on Self-Querying PDF Document and The Practitioner's Guide to the Data Banks PDF Document.