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Historical Resources

Here are some resources for learning about NIH History.

  The gateway to the resources we hold on the history of the National Institutes of Health.
Archival Resources
Sources for online archival research.
  A brief illustrated history of the NIH, beginning with its creation as a one-room facility in 1887.
  Links to the NIH Almanac lists of NIH Nobel Laureates, NIH Directors, Appropriation amounts, legislative chronology, and more.
  This site documents how NIH researchers answered such questions when asked to recall the early days of HIV/AIDS. In launching this Web site, we commemorate the 20-year struggle to confront the deadly HIV/AIDS.
  This collection holds transcripts and audio oral histories.
  A selected bibliography of publications and links to other historical resources about the NIH.
Historical Resources
search collections
a short history of NIH
NIH Historical Data
oral histories
articles & books
practitioners' history
bibliographies & references
frequently asked questions

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