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EPA's National Exposure Research Laboratory (NERL) is comprised of several divisions with diversified research specialties. NERL conducts research and development that leads to improved methods, measurements and models to assess and predict exposures of humans and ecosystems to harmful pollutants and other conditions in air, water, soil, and food.

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NERL Research Divisions

heasd graphicHuman Exposure & Atmospheric Sciences - Characterizes aggregate human exposure from all sources and the emission and movement of pollutants through the atmosphere.
  Scientific Reports: Particulate Matter (PM), Children and their Environment, HEASD virtual lab tour

eerd graphicEcological Exposure - Conducts laboratory and field studies aimed at providing research products that enable the Agency to conduct predictive and retrospective exposure assessments.
  Some Highlights: Ecological Exposure Research Projects, EERD virtual lab tour

erd graphicEcosystems Research - Performs research on approaches to multimedia modeling for landscape, nutrient and chemical stressors of ecosystems.
  Some Highlights: Watershed and Water Quality Modeling Technical Support Center, OnSite OnLine Tools for Site Assessment, Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling (CEAM), ERD virtual lab tour

esd graphicEnvironmental Sciences - Develops methods for characterizing chemical and physical stressors. Develops landscape and regional assessment capabilities through the use of remote sensing and advanced spatial analysis techniques.
  Some Highlights: Landscape Ecology Projects, ESD virtual lab tour

mceard graphicMicrobiological & Chemical Exposure Assessment - Conducts research to measure, characterize and predict the exposure of humans to chemical and microbial hazards. This research provides information on environmental pathways by which hazardous contaminants are transported via air, water, food, and soil to populations at risk.
  Some Highlights: Microbiology Site, Drinking Water Methods, Marine Water Methods, MCEARD virtual lab tour

amd graphicAtmospheric Modeling - Develops advanced air quality models that can simulate the transport and fate of pollutants in the atmosphere.
  Some Highlights: Atmospheric Modeling Monthly Highlights, Current Research, AMD virtual lab tour


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