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Adobe is dedicated to supporting all customers and has made every effort to make accessible to people with disabilities. In the event you do experience difficulty trying to access with assistive devices, contact Adobe Customer Service and we will make every effort to help you obtain the information you need. Continue to check this page for the latest information on how to best access our website.

How to access this site with assistive devices

In addition to HTML, features content in SWF and PDF formats. If you are having difficulty accessing this content with your assistive device, Adobe suggests you upgrade to the latest version of the Adobe® Flash® Player runtime for SWF content and Adobe Reader® software for PDF files.

For users with mobility impairments, it is important to update your version of Flash Player; early versions prevented users from tabbing between the navigation bar and links elsewhere on the page. You can download the latest version of Flash Player.

For users who have difficulty accessing PDF files on this site, you can download the latest version of Adobe Reader from this location which also includes a guide for accessing PDF documents for users of assistive technology.

How to get further assistance

For further assistance, contact Customer Service and we'll make every effort to help you find information that is difficult for you to access. If you have difficulty accessing content throughout the site, please notify us.

Helping us make our site accessible

We welcome your suggestions and comments. Send us your feedback on our site accessibility.

Accessibility information for authors and developers

To learn more about how to use Adobe products to create accessible content and how to make websites accessible, visit our Accessibility Resource Center.