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Benchmark Input-Output Accounts

Benchmark Input-Output (I-O)

The 2002 Benchmark Input-Output Make and Use tables were revised in January 2008. For information on the nature and scope of the revisions, view the summary.

If you used the interactive table feature and used the detail radio button between January 25, 2008 and February 20, 2008 to extract estimates from the 2002 Benchmark Input-Output Make or Use Tables, please be advised that an incorrect file was posted for these estimates. The correct file has been posted. The incorrect file posting did not affect estimates obtained by the use of the sector or summary radio buttons on the interactive table site. Estimates from the non-interactive downloadable tables (.XLS, .EXE, and .ZIP files) were also not affected.


Capital Flow

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Satellite Accounts

Research and Development


Previously Published Estimates

Research and Development Conference, December 2006

Travel and Tourism


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Underlying Estimates

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Previously Published Estimates

The following records contain historical data and have since been revised. Please contact the Industry program area with questions.

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Last updated: Friday, June 13, 2008