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Respiratory Protection eTool
The purpose of this Advisor is to help you comply with the new OSHA respirator standard.  This Advisor will instruct you on the proper selection of respiratory protection and the development of change schedules for gas/vapor cartridges. This advisor is in an 800 × 600 format. Depending on your monitor settings, you may need to "scroll" to display the full width of the pages. (See Viewing and Printing Tips).

Learn How to Develop a Change Schedule Learn How To Select an Appropriate Respirator
Learn How To Develop a Change Schedule Learn How To Select an Appropriate Respirator

Keep In MindKeep In Mind
  • Respirators should be used for protection only when engineering controls have been shown to be infeasible for the control of the hazard or during the interim period when engineering controls are being installed. (See the Exposure Control Priority.)
  • Nothing stated in this advisor modifies the actual requirements of the respirator standard.
  • The display or use of particular products in this advisor is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Labor.
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