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Virtual Training and Recorded Conference Calls

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Technical Assistance Videos
The Touching Lives and Communities Technical Assistance Video workshops can be viewed from your computer. The viewer can search by topics and the table of contents, view the video, read the transcript and utilize links to supporting materials. The workshops cover the following topics:

*If you are having trouble loading these videos, please consult, for alternate links.

Conference Calls:
The following links provide information on past conference call series to help non-profits build their capacity to serve customers. Full audio recordings, transcripts, and informative slides are available.

Learn about the Social Security Administration’s New Ticket to Work Program!

What is the Ticket to Work Program?

The Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program is an employment program for people with disabilities who are interested in going to work. The goal of the Ticket Program is to increase opportunities and choices for Social Security disability beneficiaries to obtain employment, vocational rehabilitation (VR), and other support services from public and private providers, employers, and other organizations. Under the Ticket Program, the Social Security Administration provides disability beneficiaries with a Ticket they may use to obtain the services and jobs they need from a new universe of organizations called Employment Networks (ENs).

The new regulatory improvements:

  • Increase the choices available to Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities who want to enter/re-enter the workforce
  • Encourage more beneficiaries to participate in the program
  • Create greater financial incentive and more flexibility for Employment Networks (ENs)
  • Promote partnerships between State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies and Employment Networks to develop more and better coordinated services and supports available to beneficiaries

Unfortunately, the conference call regarding this program has come and gone, but don’t worry!  Below are several resources that summarize the information that was covered in the call:

  • Ticket to Work Program - The Basics:  This document provides a brief overview of the Ticket to Work program.  It explains the origins, structure, and regulations involved in the program.  This is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with Ticket to Work.
  • Ticket to Work Regulations Overview:  This resource covers the regulation changes in the updated Ticket program.  It explains new issues in beneficiary requirements, Employment Network (EN) regulation changes, and payment for services. 
  • Partnership Plus:  This explains changes in the way organizations can interact with Ticket holders.  The requirements and regulations for Employment Networks and State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies are explained here.
  • EN Resources:  Here you will find various resources that are useful at multiple stages of the Ticket to Work process, be it finding out initial information, preparing to become an EN, operating as an EN, and so on.

The conference call recording is now available: simply dial 1-866-410-5852 to listen to a recording.

There are also two other calls (not affiliated with the Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives) that go into greater detail on regulatory changes, so they may be good if you are already familiar with the program. These are available by calling 1-866-454-1410 for the May 22nd call, or 1-800-331-1949 for the May 29th call. These will be available until July 27th and July 31st, respectively.

If you have other questions, try consulting the Ticket to Work website:


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