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At the FBI Academy, trainees are also administered standard (male) pull-ups as the fifth and final event of the Physical Fitness Test. The score on pull-ups is not used for pass/fail purposes, but is used by the FBI Training Division for fitness awards, including the 50-point award. Applicants are encouraged to prepare for the pull-up event, as well as the four events of the Physical Fitness Test. The scoring scale and protocol for standard pull-ups is set forth here.

Scoring Scale for Standard Pull-Ups

Score Female Range Male Range
0 0 0-1
1 1 2-3
2 2 4-5
3 3 6-7
4 4 8-9
5 5 10-11
6 6 12-13
7 7 14-15
8 8 16-17
9 9 18-19
10 10 and over 20 and over

Protocol for Standard Pull-Ups
Trainee hangs from a horizontal bar, hands at least shoulder width apart (but no more than 23 inches apart as measured from the outsides of the hands) with palms turned away from face and arms fully extended. As the arms are flexed, trainee's body is pulled upward until trainee's chin is higher than the bar. Trainee may not swing or jerk the body or use the legs in an effort to propel the body upward. Trainee's body is then lowered back to the hanging position with the arms fully extended. This is a continuous motion exercise.

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