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IHS Developer Community - Getting It All Together
The central location for information to create and maintain a website on the IHS Internet and Intranet


Establish an IHS Web Site Account

  The Tour
  Procedures to Follow Before Starting a Web Site

Policies and Procedures

  Web Site Request Form
  HHS Web Standards
  IHS Standards and Guidelines
(PDF – 789 KB)
  Federal Requirements & Best Practices
  IHS Guidelines for Section 508

IHS Web Resources

  Development Assistance
  Web Development Tips and Tutorials
  Image Library
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HHS Usability Guidelines HHS-issued Web design guidelines are based on extensive research into user-friendliness and accessibility. These guidelines are applicable to all federal web sites. As an OpDiv of HHS, IHS should adhere to and implement these Usability guidelines.
Development Policies
Remember to follow IHS Standards and Guidelines (PDF - 789 KB) as you develop your site.
Site Link Code Made Available
Use a sitelink with all links on your site that point to a site outside of IHS. An external site link is required.
Using the IHS Login System - Instructions for Your Users
The IHS Login System, which can be set up at the bottom of a site's program menu, allows registered users to view the restricted IHS web site information that they have permissions for.
Section 508
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