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Citizen Corps Councils

Citizen Corps Web Banners

Internet-based entities or organizations are encouraged to display one of the following banner ads on their websites and to link to the website. By downloading or using the Citizen Corps banners, the user agrees to the following conditions of use:

  1. Banners may not be used in any way or manner that implies the endorsement of any person, product, program or service.
  2. No one may manufacture for sale a product containing a banner image.
  3. Anyone who downloads or uses a banner incurs an obligation and fiduciary duty to maintain the integrity and consistency of the Citizen Corps logo and banner.
  4. Use or display of Citizen Corps banners in an inappropriate manner may result in legal action. Upon notice from Citizen Corps, the user agrees to discontinue use of banners.

To view available banners and styles, please visit our download page.