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At the Department of Transportation we are working hard to become more participatory, collaborative and transparent.

In our 2016 Open Government Plan, we continue to advance our commitment to openness and engagement.  We will continue to engage DOT employees, stakeholders and the public.  Public engagement has become core to the way we do business at DOT, and the initiatives and activities proposed within this plan reflect the insights, knowledge, expertise, and experiences of stakeholders.  To meet the challenges of the future, DOT must continue to harness the ingenuity of the American people in new and innovative ways. 

- Victor M. Mendez,  Deputy Secretary

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Open Government Plan

 In its first Open Government Plan, the Department of Transportation (DOT) recognized that the Open Government initiative is about more than adopting new tools and emerging technologies—it is about effecting real policy and internal culture change to ensure that our Department truly becomes even more transparent, participatory, and collaborative, both internally and externally.  Building on that strong foundation, our second Open Government Plan looked at the public engagement impact of, and public value generated by, enhancing DOT’s openness.  Our third Open Government Plan looked at how Open Government can help DOT become more efficient, effective, and generate economic development.  Our fourth Open Government Plan highlights our ongoing efforts to build an effective open data program and make public engagement a core part of the way the Department does business.  Check out v4.0 of our plan now!

DOT leadership and employees from across the Department worked together to help create an Open Government Plan to meet the requirements of Open Government Directive.

This plan is a living document. As we continue towards increased transparency, participation, collaboration, and innovation, we will be refining and enhancing our strategic efforts. We welcome public comments regarding the content of this plan on our Citizen Engagement Tool and at

Our Approach to Open Government

The DOT began preparing for the OMB Open Government Directive by designing an Open Government framework to guide the development of our Open Government Plan. This framework enabled us to quickly identify planning steps; analyze and address the relevant technology, policy, and cultural issues that would impact Open Government activities; and get the best-suited people involved in Open Government efforts from the very beginning.

Evaluate our Progress

To help you navigate our Open Government Plan, DOT has created a table that links each requirement of the Open Government Directive to the relevant section of our plan. Also, the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy maintains an Open Government Dashboard. On that website, you can find the self assessment of our progress towards meeting the Open Government Directive requirements.

Data sets

Data Sets

Tire Quality 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has rated more than 4,200 lines of tires using a grading system known as the Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS).

Rate the utility of this dataset and download the raw data at: UTQGS Data Set on

Safety Ratings The New Car Assessment Program encourages vehicle manufacturers to make safety improvements through its 5-star safety ratings.  The ratings are a matter of commercial pride for manufacturers that utilize them in promotional marketing efforts. 
Rate the utility of this dataset and download the raw data at: NCAP Data Set on
Child Safety The Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Ease of Use program provides ratings that reflect the ease of using child restraint features.  Manufacturers strive to meet the standards set by the program, materially promoting the health and well being of every child occupying a safety seat. Rate the utility of this dataset and download the raw data at: CPS Data Set on
Law Data The Department of Transportation is participating in the law community on Click here for our law-related data sets on
Enforcement & Compliance Data The President issued a Memorandum on "Regulatory Compliance" that asked DOT to develop a plan to make our compliance and enforcement data publicly accessible, downloadable, and searchable online. You can review our draft preliminary plan.
Other Data The Department of Transportation has published numerous datasets on For more information and to rate the utility of those datasets please visit To suggest transportation related datasets for release, please visit Suggest Datasets. To view a list of all our data sets, please visit our inventory.
Updated: Friday, September 16, 2016
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