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David B. Sullivan Bio

David is an enrolled member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma.  He is a descendent of Dohausan II, the last principal chief of the Kiowas.  He is the oldest grandson of the late Rev. David and Louise Paddlety, and the oldest son of Rev. Ken and Brenda Sullivan.  Mr. Sullivan is married to Del Sullivan (Navajo) and they have two daughters, Kati and Hannah.

Mr. Sullivan is currently the Federal Program Director for the Anadarko Public Schools Indian Education Program.  He has served in this position for nine years and has been instrumental in implementing existing program services and creating new student project opportunities.  For nearly a decade, the AIE Program has added new cultural programs, prevention projects, international student projects, and health awareness projects.  He believes that every Indigenous child has the skill, knowledge and ability to succeed and flourish in our globalizing world and works everyday through the program to provide opportunities for their success.