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The International Summit on Indigenous Environmental Philosophy is a collaborative effort of many people and organizations, with each making significant contributions.

These include our Elders Circle, delegates, translators, Kiowa, Wichita, and Fort Sill Apache Tribal Leaders who attended, the Kiowa Tribe Environmental Program, the people of Redstone, Oklahoma, the Redstone Arrowhawk Retreat Center, the Kiowa Nation, the Anadarko Schools Indian Education Program, the Urban Intertribal Center of Texas, the United National Indian Tribal Youth chapters in Anadarko, Oklahoma, and Dallas, Texas, our travel funder, the University of North Texas Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, the Southern Methodist University Department of Philosophy, the SMU Environmental Studies Program, and the many, many volunteers who made the event possible.

Thanks to our translators, to Brian Daffron and Maya Torralba for videotaping and notetaking service, and to the vendors who brought their art to the Summit.  We also wish to express graditude to all of the embassies and consulates that assisted with visas, and to the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Consulate in Ekaterinburg, Russia, for sponsoring the International Indigenous Student Videoconference on Culture and the Environment.

In addition, we wish to thank the following people for their support in making the ISIEP possible:

Rodney Bales, Dianne Jansing, Steffani McQueen, Samantha Nhema, Heather Ross, Ricardo Rozzi, Dorla Tartsah, Veronica Valles, Neena Weng, the Indian Education Program staff (our great cooks), Ken Sullivan, Riverside Indian School students, Lynn Munoz, Del Sullivan, and Richard Tartsah, Jr., and Mr. Palmer for the use of his teepees.  Finally, thank you to Todd Spinks, Erin Davis, Warren Burggren, and Martin Halbert!

Special thanks to the Memnosyne Foundation for providing essential funding!