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Peer review = criminal libel Pt 2

Karin N. Calvo-Goller has lost her court case, in which she claimed a bad book review from Joseph H.H. Weiler (editor of the European Journal of International Law) constituted criminal libel. The French court determined “the Review of her book … Continue reading

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Peer review = criminal libel?

Karin N. Calvo-Goller, the author of The Trial Proceedings of the International Criminal Court, is suing the author of a negative review of her book, on the grounds that it “may cause harm to my professional reputation and academic promotion.” … Continue reading

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Taylor’s Crisis, continued

There is a lot in Taylor’s book to think about, but I find there’s one point that I’ve been ruminating on for the last week.  He suggests that, as a counterbalance to the disciplinary-focused, research-for-its-own-sake Departments, the University create another … Continue reading

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Pell Grant cuts

According to the budget proposed by the Obama administration, Pell education grants could see some significant cuts, in particular an end to grants for summer school, and loans for graduate school would now accrue interest throughout the loan period.  For … Continue reading

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Ethics of prison education

A recent CHE article described some colleges (Bard, in particular) as offering college-level education to prison inmates. The first part of the article described benefits to the inmates, but then said this: The idea behind the consortium isn’t just to … Continue reading

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Taylor’s Crisis on Campus

Along with most of my colleagues here at the CSID, I’m re-reading Crisis on Campus in anticipation of Prof. Taylor’s upcoming visit. In the opening pages, he presented an anecdote in which a student told him about the difficulty she … Continue reading

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SOTU 2011

Last night was the annual State of the Union address.  As expected, Pres. Obama addressed the importance of education and science funding.  “This is our generation’s Sputnik moment” he said, comparing the challenges facing our own education policies in a … Continue reading

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Why your students shouldn’t like you.

The Chronicle of Higher Ed just reported a study of teaching effectiveness that focused on students’ performance in later classes. This ‘sequence’ view of performance had interesting implications for tenure and student evaluations. Students who took Calc I from a … Continue reading

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Anth Science debate continues.

Reactions to the changes within the American Anthropology Association continue to accumulate — people outside the discipline are starting to notice. For example, at Alice Dreger refers to parallels between this split within the AAA and a decades-old split … Continue reading

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Anthropology sans science?

Recently the Chronicle of Higher Education posted an article on the removal of the word ‘science’ from an American Anthropology Association planning document (Glenn 2010). For example, where a previous draft described anthropology as exploring “the science of mankind,” the … Continue reading

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