Slavoj Žižek on #Occupy as an Acephalic Movement

Ok, he didn’t use that term.  But as he strikes many of the same notes I heard in Britt’s previous post, I’ve excerpted a bit from his essay in the Guardian this week (it’s worth reading in its entirety):

What one should resist at this stage is precisely such a quick translation of the energy of the protest into a set of concrete pragmatic demands. Yes, the protests did create a vacuum – a vacuum in the field of hegemonic ideology, and time is needed to fill this vacuum in a proper way, as it is a pregnant vacuum, an opening for the truly new.

Occupy first. Demands come later | The Guardian

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One Response to Slavoj Žižek on #Occupy as an Acephalic Movement

  1. Got me thinking, Alex.

    And thanks for posting SZ’s article — a good read, and I think you are right that there’s something similar going on:

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