Are Big-Time Sports Crippling Academia?

Hand-wringing seems to be universal these days over big-time sports, specifically football and men’s basketball…

“There is certainly a national conversation going on now that I can’t ever recall taking place,” said William E. Kirwan, chancellor of the University of Maryland system and co-director of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. “We’ve reached a point where big-time intercollegiate athletics is undermining the integrity of our institutions, diverting presidents and institutions from their main purpose.”

…Has big-time sports hijacked the American campus? The word today is “balance,” and the worry is how to achieve it.

The explosion in televised games has spread sports fever well beyond traditional hotbeds like Alabama and Ole Miss. Classes are canceled to accommodate broadcast schedules, and new research suggests that fandom can affect academic performance. Campus life itself revolves around not just going to games but lining up and camping out to get into them.

How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life – NY Times

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