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  • Outlook – Lung Cancer: Seeing through the smoke

    Lung cancer is the mortality king of malignancy, killing 1.6 million people yearly, with a five-year survival rate under 20%. With such grim statistics in mind, researchers are examining the causes of lung cancer with the aim of creating better treatments or even preventing it.

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  • Nature Toolbox

    Nature has launched a monthly print section and online site devoted to reporting on scientific software, apps and online tools. The section, called Toolbox (, begins with an article on 'recommendation engines' that sift the flood of literature, and also features an interview with the Software Carpentry movement, which teaches basic software skills to researchers. A resource for the scientific community, the site will add interviews with scientists in various fields offering thoughts on their most commonly-used software. And it collects Nature's writing on the broader context of online research — from open data to citizen science and crowd-funding.