CFP: HASTAC 2014 – Hemispheric Pathways: Critical Makers in International Networks | HASTAC

The challenges facing the Western hemisphere are multidimensional  and complex.  Urban agglomeration, economic development, ecological crisis, military conflict, digital privacy, impediments to advanced learning, negotiations of multiple cultural and historical perspectives—these are problems with scientific and human factors that must be considered together.  HASTAC 2014 challenges participants to consider the interplay of science, technology, the social sciences, the humanities, and the arts in the context of addressing the urgent contingencies facing the evolving hemisphere.  Themes addressed by the conference include:

  • humanities research and hemispheric grand challenges
  • indigenous culture and technology
  • technology and education–open learning, peer learning, and issues of access, equity for primary and/or higher education
  • technology and interhemispheric communication of knowledge and publishing
  • heritage, patrimony, memory and the digital
  • new publics, movements going global and communities of the future
  • technology and social identity and roles:  gender, race, and other identities
  • digital animation and other visualization media arts and sciences
  • games and gaming, including for learning
  • community development including the importance of art and culture districts
  • mobile technologies and everyday life
  • improvisation, tinkering, hacking

via CFP: HASTAC 2014 – Hemispheric Pathways: Critical Makers in International Networks | HASTAC.

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