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Taking Gender Seriously. Gender, Research and Epistemic Authority
Opening date : Feb 17 2014 00:00 UTC
Closing date : May 31 2014 00:00 UTC

The aim of this virtual workshop is to understand and evaluate the impact of research on gender on academic research in a new perspective, with a special focus on the impact on gender research on epistemology, cognitive science and ICT research. Gender studies have been going on for more than thirty years. What are the findings we should take into account in our everyday epistemic practices? How do they impact the design of research and, in general, the design of our everyday life? What are the stereotypes they allow to avoid and what those that they have encouraged? The workshop will be conceived as an extended discussion stemming from Gloria Origgi's 2014 seminar at the EHESS in Paris. Among the guest speakers, we will have: Judith Simon, Helen Logino, Alessandra Facchi, Giulia Sissa and Ryoko Asai. The seminar and the workshop were made possible by the CNRS grant: "Défis Genre"

Recent Comments

Veronica has raised some important questions, but I would like to add another one: 'how can/should the learning outcomes of td-projects be assessed'? In the Enkanini project, how did it become evident that there was a "steep learning curve" as you say, John? Did the students reflect on their learning process? Was the project part of their master's thesis? Which criteria were used to assess the students' work? Was awareness of td-frameworks assessed at all? Were the residents involved in the evaluation of the students' contribution? I wonder, because at the end, every student had to receive a grade, I suppose.

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