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Bubblenomics: Shale Gas Edition

It is quite likely that shale gas is being oversold as a revolutionary energy source, based on industry data and internal emails uncovered by muckraking New York Times journalist Ian Urbina. In the e-mails, energy executives, industry lawyers, state geologists … Continue reading

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Which will go first: the ocean or fossil fuels?

The latest ocean news: scientists are gearing up for the next few decades of continued decline in marine populations, the extinction of shallow-water coral reefs, and major perturbations in current physical and chemical stabilizing systems. The first ever interdisciplinary, international … Continue reading

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Nozik & Anarchy

Why the philosophical father of libertarianism gave up on the movement he inspired. – By Stephen Metcalf – Slate Magazine. Very good overview article of the progression from Nozik’s encouragement of what would become Neo-LIbertarianism to his discouragement. Also does … Continue reading

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Adventuresome Education… not quite I am not quite sure why it is the liberal arts that always get the focus. From the studies I have seen and the people I know, a person with a liberal arts degree is not any less likely … Continue reading

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NSF issues new merit review criteria

At We are writing a Science Progress post on it this weekend.

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Utrecht–International Network for Inter- and Transdisciplinarity

Blogging from Utrecht–day 2 of our meeting, to see if we should form a network of networks in ID and TD. Right now, I am dubious. The group breaks up into folks who do ID/TD research, versus those who do … Continue reading

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Branding Logos

So everybody seems pretty familiar with logos these days. In fact, product branding has made some logos more recognizable to children than the faces of their grandparents. But I want to talk about the oldest of all logos… the ancient … Continue reading

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Coburn puts NSF ‘under the microscope’

US Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) recently released a report that takes issue with some NSF practices — including funding the social sciences. David Bruggeman has an interesting discussion of the report here.

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