Into the Field

Taking Philosophy into
the Field of Science
and Technology Policy:
Toward a Paradigm for
Publicly Engaged Philosophy


Public Philosophy Network 2013 – Atlanta, GA
Friday Morning Workshop

This workshop will discuss “field philosophy” as a novel transdisciplinary paradigm for philosophical research and graduate education. In his workshop we will

(1) discuss our own case studies in field philosophy, and ask participants to share their own experiences in conducting philosophical field work.

(2) outline four paradigmatic questions: (i) What is field philosophy? (How is it different from other forms of philosophy?) (ii) What do field philosophers do? (What skills do they bring to various “fields” and what roles can and should they play?) (iii) How is their work evaluated? (What research metrics can be devised and how can they be implemented in hiring, tenure, and promotion decisions?) (iv) How are field philosophers trained? (What pedagogical and curricular approaches might work for a new generation of field philosophers?

Below are some readings that lie in the background of our discussion:

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