This Web site ( uses browser detection to
determine the browser type and browser version of site visitors. This
information is used only in its aggregate form, to help us further refine our
web site design. The remote host name is collected from each site
visitor, and is used only to provide statistical data, specifically, the
percentage of "hits" from the UNT domain vs. the percentage of "hits"
from outside the UNT domain for this Web site. The pages accessed by
each visitor are recorded and preserved in an aggregate form to provide
us with information about the relative usage of the pages in our Web site.
The web page that referred the site visitor to this UNT Web site is also
recorded, and used to improve overall site navigation.

Email messages sent to the email contact for this Web site will be
answered by that account holder or forwarded to another individual at
UNT to be answered. Email messages sent to the email contact for this
Web site and copies of replies sent by this email contact may be kept
and reviewed to help ensure the relevance of information presented in
this Web site and the usefulness of the replies from the email contact.

University of North Texas Privacy Policy