Re-thinking Rigor, version

An interesting overview at an education blog critiquing the amount of time spent spinning pedagogical PR rather than thinking through a sustainable PAIDEIA.

What I want is for every American child, every British child, Canadian child, Irish child, Australian child, Indian child, Afghani child, Palestinian child, French child, Lapp child (et al), to be able to work with everybody on the planet, to lead anyone on the planet, to learn from anyone on the planet. I want them all to know how to effectively access and evaluate the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it. I want them to know about all of their possibilities, about everything they can do. I want them to be effective communicators, not just in business, but in their own lives. I want them to want the best not just for themselves and their families but for their societies and their world, and I want them to have the tools – thinking tools, communication tools, information tools, productivity tools – which allow them to chase their dreams.

SpeEdChange: Changing Gears 2012: re-thinking rigor.

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