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NSF – Changing the Conduct of Science in the Information Age

Just got wind of a new report that looks pretty interesting. NSF – OD – OISE – Changing the Conduct of Science in the Information Age

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Open access and epistemology

In a recent Nature piece, Paul Ginsparg recounts the evolution of ArXiv, an online repository for preprint article submissions in physics that he created two decades ago at the dawn of the Internet, and reflects on the compartmentalized nature of … Continue reading

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Google has an in-house philosopher?!?!?!

Coooooool! Waaay to gooo Goooogle! Damon Horowitz is currently in-house philosopher at Google. So says the brief bio-note attached to Horowitz’s unguarded confession in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education: “From Technologist to Philosopher.” For those of you who don’t have … Continue reading

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Reintroducing academic knowledge into the world

Keith Brown and I attended UNT’s second annual Symposium on Open Access on Friday. The academic movement toward open access is based on valuing academic information and scholarly output as a public good, and therefore should exist in the public … Continue reading

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THATCamp Texas

CSID Fellow Andrew Torget (UNT-History) is coordinating an “unconference” at Rice University. This is part of a nationwide movement to bring together folks from across the humanities & info-tech. According to Wikipedia, an unconference is “a conference where the content … Continue reading

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Drowning in Data

An article in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education summarizes a series of articles in Science, all of which describe the fact — and the consequences — of   too much focus on the production of new knowledge. This is the artwork from … Continue reading

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The Librarian, the Professor, and the Internet

These days, it seems as if the internet and Google are co-extensive. Much like Xerox — which back in the old days used to be how we referred to all copies, as in “I need to Xerox my syllabus” — … Continue reading

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