Utrecht–International Network for Inter- and Transdisciplinarity

Blogging from Utrecht–day 2 of our meeting, to see if we should form a network of networks in ID and TD.

Right now, I am dubious. The group breaks up into folks who do ID/TD research, versus those who do research into ID. A lot of the former are quite naive or uninterested in the latter. Though it is certainly arguable that the two are synergistic. And among the latter, the AIS crowd dominates (though not at this meeting) with their focus on questions of taxonomy and methodology. These folks share none of the policy orientation of CSID. They are focused on education, usually undergraduate education programs. They have no sense of field philosophy, the study of what happens to knowledge when it comes into the world. And they do not attend to larger questions of what is happening to knowledge within society or the future of the university.

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