Hiding on-going enclosures behind buzzwords

Big Buzzword on Campus: Is “Convergence” a Revolution in Science or Simply Jargon?: Scientific American.

Scientific American editors are right to ask if the hot new term “convergence” is just more jargon for the academy or an actual new Zeitgeist, a radically novel direction for research to be taking.

What I find most intriguing about this is how much the current trend toward convergence still isolates away from research parks the humanists: philosophers, poets, sociologists, rhetoricians, etc et al, are still not being invited into these clusters. At best, you might get a theoretical economist who happens to be great at making mathematical models.

“Convergence” is a jargony term at present that slightly confuses the real distinctions to be made between cross-disciplinarity, multidisciplinarity, and interdisciplinarity.

Transformative research will require, sooner or later, that scientists & engineers share their “convergent” research spaces with humanists as well as technicians.

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