Tomorrow’s Scientists & Philosophers…

…are already at work today in our compulsory education system:

The Secret of the Fibonacci Sequence in Trees.

Reading this piece calls to attention that it is not in universities that we should be seeking to ensure the brightest minds turn a philosophic eye to our technoscientific issues. It is in the elementary & secondary schools that are teaching young minds like 13 year old Aidan, the author of the above article.

As Kelli Barr pointed out in the CSID post previous to this one, we need to avoid establishing the harmful habits of hyper-disciplinization. We should be teaching the basics of philosophizing to kids so that they do not make a false start down the path that leads to the confining walls of our current disciplinary enclosures.

But they don’t just need math & science. They need logic and Socratic method as well as training in how to express their ideas in a way that does not just speak to specialists.

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