U. of Texas Adopts Plan to Publish Performance Data — If you can measure it, you can …

Mr. Powell said in a written statement that the plan adopted on Thursday “charts a clear path toward providing UT institutions the most cost-efficient means for producing graduates, while at the same time, increasing the quality of education for our students across the UT system.”

In an interview on Tuesday, Mr. Powell said the database would allow students, parents, legislators, and others to easily examine detailed data about how different campuses and departments performed.

“Some wise man said, ‘If you can measure it, you can value it,’” Mr. Powell said.

Other universities nationwide face questions about cost, accountability, post-tenure review, and graduation rates, said Mr. Powell. “What’s unique about us,” he said, “is that we’re saying we’re not going to take this one bite at a time.”

U. of Texas Adopts Plan to Publish Performance Data on Professors and Campuses – Faculty – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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