Emotion Detector Can See When We’re Lying

Apropos of a recent CSID panel on transhumanism, a totally new approach to lie detection driven by advances in applied cognitive science illustrates how technological development carries embedded assumptions regarding values (in this case, of the relative value of individual privacy vs. national security).

Tests on this system are going public in Britain later this year.  Of course not in the sense that the public gets input on whether the tests should be conducted, but rather that the tests will be conducted on the public.  The researchers seem blissfully unaware of good British dystopian fiction, such as 1984.

The computerised system uses a simple video camera, a high-resolution thermal imaging sensor and a suite of algorithms.

Researchers say the system could be a powerful aid to security services…

This new approach builds on years of research into how we all unconsciously, involuntarily reveal our emotions in subtle changes of expression and the flow of blood to our skin….this new device promises non-invasive, even covert truth tests in real time.

BBC News – New emotion detector can see when we’re lying.

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