Badly in Need of Aristotle

At the td-net conference on inter- and transdisciplinarity. The theme: evaluation of ID/TD. The focus: on how to make academic research more relevant.

There is an irony here. In some cases research is way too relevant. The revolution in military affairs (rma) raises a variety of truly scary prospects. As does a lot of biological research, genetic engineering, etc. More generally NBIC–nano, bio, information, and computer technologies.

We are badly in need of Aristotle. Not too little, but neither too much. The danger: turbocapitalism driving pell mell innovation.

And how to ‘govern’ it? Ha.

Speaking generally, I don’t think this conference has a clue. WHY do we want additional knowledge? WHAT is the end of this? There is this incredibly naive belief in more knowledge–’oh, it is so wonderful, so fun!’–is there no sense of how this will lead to the obsolescence of humanity?

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