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Interview With Economist Jerry Epstein | Truthout

Possibly instructive on how to leverage a new clearing for publicly engaged philosophy that is at home behind the walls of the academy and within the open spaces of the public common. What Are Economics for? Interview With Economist Jerry … Continue reading

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I looked for a Thesaurus and found a map instead

The Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus turns word-searching into meaning-mapping. Type in a word for which you want a synonym or antonym, and the program spits out a visualization of the connections based on linguistic meaning between the searched word and its … Continue reading

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Even experts need help sometimes

Michael O’Rourke, lead investigator on the Toolbox Project out of the University of Idaho, recently discussed his work with Graham Hubbs, also from UI, on the blog Philosophy TV, where two philosophers video chat on issues ranging from modern epistemology … Continue reading

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Opinion-based journal metric from F1000

F1000 has just released a new metric for journals. What strikes me as most important about it is not the rhetoric of opinion — where F1000 explicitly admit to the qualitative judgment they are appealing to — though that is … Continue reading

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Advancing Public Philosophy Conference

CSID is a co-sponsor of this event coming up October 6-8 in Washington, DC. Check out the program, which is pretty neat, here. Public Phil Conference – Public Philosophy Network.

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Syracuse seeks to redefine quality education

Here’s a very interesting article about Chancellor Nancy Cantor’s effect on the reputation of Syracuse University. “It’s not that you stop caring about the fundamentals or quality, you redefine what constitutes quality and exciting scholarly work.” Syracuse’s Slide – Administration … Continue reading

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Senior Fellow Steve Fuller’s Humanity 2.0 – YouTube

Humanity 2.0 – YouTube.

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The Rise of Geoengineering

Though postponed for six months, a significant field test of geoengineering is planned in the UK: The delayed field test, led by Matthew Watson of the University of Bristol, UK, involves a kilometre-long hose that will pump water into the atmosphere. Larger … Continue reading

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