Stolorow: Losing & Regaining My Sense of Being

This is a very moving piece by Dr. Stolorow. I find within it a warmth of humanity that sparks memories in my ownmost being of when I lost my great friend, my beloved mentor, Richard Owsley. Not long after he passed away, I met my longtime companion, Chris Peterson, and we have lived together now for some seven years. Yet every now & then, I am somewhat overwhelmed by those last memories of Richard, when he became too tired to think through philosophic problems with me, to run in the landscape of our mutual exchange as he had for the decade preceding. During our seven years together, Chris has never discouraged my moments of profound loss but walked with me through them, holding me up when I would rather fall down.

It seems silly to me that philosophers who read the greatest works ever put on a page so often lose profound empathy. How can one read Plato, Aristotle, Hume, or Nietzsche only to think we should be attempting some inhuman level of objectivity? I will never comprehend the beast that is professional philosophy. And that inability is one I will never regret having.

Robert D. Stolorow: Losing and Regaining My Sense of Being.

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