Democratizing Science

Senior Fellow Steve Fuller publishes a new piece in Logos & Episteme:

The question in the title is addressed in three parts. First, I associate the democratisation of science with the rise of ‗Protscience‘ (i.e. ‗Protestant Science‘), which pertains to the long-term tendency of universities to place the means of knowledge production in everyone‘s hands, thereby producing universal knowledge that is also universally spread. Second, I discuss how the current neo-liberal political economy of knowledge production is warping the ways that universities deal with this long-term tendency. These include: the segmentation of research and teaching; the alienation of the student constituency; the lack of incentive to defend the university. I then discuss strategies for addressing the resulting deformities and re-building solidarity within the knowledge producing community. These include the establishment of a student-based co-curriculum and the introduction of employee ownership policies to the university as whole. Third, I reprise the entire argument by focusing on the economic challenges facing the integrity of the university and knowledge as a public good. Some of these arise from Protscience itself and others from the neo-liberal environment that it inhabits. But in any case, it is important that the democratisation of science is not reduced to its marketisation.

KEYWORDS: protscience, public good, university, democratic science, neo-liberalism

Can Science Survive its Democratization?

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