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So, here is my site on Peer Evaluation.

It contains all sorts of knowledge I’ve produced, including published articles, working papers, blogs, workshop reports, and a survey I co-authored. It does not contain everything I’ve ever produced. For instance, some of my articles are not listed there, and many of my blog entries are not included. So, there are lots of omissions.

Here is how my Peer Evaluation uploads look according to the altmetrics site total-impact. That is, I just uploaded the urls for everything in my Peer Evaluation library. If I uploaded different information into total-impact, such as DOIs, I could get a more complete picture. But, basically, I just wanted to look at how my Peer Evaluation page itself was helping disseminate my work.

Interestingly, total-impact is built-in to the Peer Evaluation stie — and the numbers don’t seem to match what I get straight from the total-impact site.

There are still lots of limitations to alternative means of dissemination and impact tracking. I have to say, however, that I really enjoy the freedom the Peer Evaluation site provides (for free). I need to get more folks to review some of my stuff and make the site more active, and it’s relatively new. But it shows promise.

Would be interesting to do a comparison to Google Scholar. Stay tuned ….

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