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Occupy Impact - Program Topics - Contribute Your Ideas

Posted by David Baker on Mon, 2012-05-28 10:38

The Occupy Impact Call for Abstracts is published. We hope you will submit an abstract. Submissions are due Friday, June 29, 2012 at 5 pm EST. You can find the submission form at the conference website:

Also, even if you are not planning to submit an abstract you can still contribute to the program. Tweet (@occupyimpact) or e-mail ( your ideas for program topics we've missed. We are currently calling for abstracts for papers, presentations and panels touching any of the following topics:

1) What we measure?

  • Are we measuring what we value or valuing what we measure? What implications for what we measure?
  • How far down the chain of impact/influence should we attempt to measure?
  • How do different fields and disciplines differ in impact/influence? What does this mean for determining what we measure?
  • Are qualitative indicators of impact/influence measures?

2) How to approach measurement?

  • What is a reasonable balance between numbers and narratives?
  • To what extent is attribution possible?
  • How to frame impact that cannot be measured?
  • What do we mean by research without impact?
  • What are the behavioral implications of the portfolio of measures currently in use?

3) How to move forward?

  • What conditions need to change to move forward?
  • What are the most important advances in measurement of impact/ influence to ensure a balanced portfolio?
  • How to minimize burden on researchers while achieving measurement objectives?