We Need to Talk – about #Twitter: Reciprocal Knowledge Engine PLUS « nigelcameron.org

One of my favorite “research assistants” is Nigel Cameron (follow him on Twitter @nigelcameron) . Why? He wrote this post on the value of Twitter:

We Need to Talk – about #Twitter: Reciprocal Knowledge Engine PLUS « nigelcameron.org.

I largely agree, though I don’t see Twitter going the way of MySpace just yet. Instead, I see Twitter as a much cooler, less personal (in a skeevy way) medium than Facebook. You don’t have to declare whether you “like” someone or respond to “friend” requests — or attempt to “friend” someone, or to deny or ignore their attempt to “friend” you.

Whatever happened to friendship and befriending people? We know better than to use such notions in connection with Facebook, I am happy to say. The best things I can think of in association with Facebook are the “enemy” feature introduced by someone just down the road at UTD and what’s happened recently to Facebook stock.

No doubt Twitter will be replaced. But Twitter will see Facebook enter MySpace territory before it. Then we will all feel how Facebookish Twitter used to be.

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