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Simon & Schuster Favorites

More than 10,000 titles from Simon & Schuster's celebrated catalog of books are now available on Scribd! Subscribe to start reading their award-winning books across all genres.

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New York Times Bestselling Authors

We bring together your favorite New York Times bestselling authors, so that you can enjoy all of the landmarks of contemporary literature that you’ve been meaning to read.

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Scribd Selects

Not sure what to read next? Browse our editors’ selections – all the fiction and non-fiction titles that have got us talking right now, as well as our perennial favorites.

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Health & Happiness

Looking for inspiration, guidance, or to bump your creativity up a notch? Let our selection of self-help, psychology, motivational, and creativity books be your guide.

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Short & Sweet

For those of you who read whenever you have a spare moment, our short-format collection of humorous essays and literary anthologies will ensure that you've always got something to read.

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Contemporary Society

Immerse yourself in the history of the now with these entertaining and enlightening reads. From fast food to film and from hipsters to heaven, this collection of contemporary social studies really pops.

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Sci-fi, Fantasy, Paranormal

Immerse yourself in the other-worldly, with our never-ending selection of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal.

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Romantic Reads

Courtship, intrigue, gossip, and love collide in this compulsively readable category of romance and chick-lit.

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Sports & Adventures

From the World Series to a life-or-death climb on K2, our collection of sports and adventure titles celebrates the victories, defeats, teams, and personalities that shape the sporting world.

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Seat-Gripping Suspense

Attention thrill-seekers, crime-solvers, and adrenaline junkies: we’ve got enough cliffhangers and nail-biters to keep you perpetually on the edge of your seat. ​

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Historical Fiction

Let legendary characters like Queen Elizabeth, Rasputin, and Vincent Van Gogh come alive and sweep you off your feet in our collection of historical fiction.

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Classic Children's Literature

Remember your favorite books growing up? Relive and share the joy of adolescent reading with our library of beloved books for children.

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