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A new journal has just opened its doors for business, and it’s making quite a splash. The reason is its proposed new publishing model.

Authors will pay a one-time fee ($259) for lifetime privileges to submit to the journal, have their paper reviewed, and, if accepted, published Open Access.

That’s significantly cheaper than the going rate of most publishers, who tend to charge much more than that for providing so-called ‘Gold’ Open Access. (Those seeking to learn the language of Open Access — for instance, what ‘Gold’ is and how it compares to ‘Green’ OA — should go here.)

Here’s the main site for the journal (or at least its blog):

Your Peers, Your Science. Academic Publishing is Evolving. – PeerJ Blog.

Here’s some evidence of the splash it’s making:

Nature has an article on it, as does ars technica.

It’s also getting some play around the blogosphere here (@stephen_curry’s Reciprocal Space), here (in a post by the library loon), and of course, here on the CSID blog.

UPDATE: Here’s another roundup. And here‘s an article in the Chronicle.

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