INIT Interdisciplines virtual seminar on transdisciplinarity

Welcome to the INIT series on Interdisciplines:

INIT, the International Network of Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity, is continuing to host a Virtual Seminar on Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Horizons on the platform Interdisciplines. We invite everyone to participate in a new forum that runs 15 September 2012 – 15 October 2012. It features two chapters of Roland Scholz’ 2011 book Environmental Literacy in Science and Society: From Knowledge to Decisions, published by Cambridge University Press and available to the forum with the kind permission of the Press.

In order to join the discussion, go to the link at <> then click on the button: “Start a New Discussion.” After that, write a comment or question then post it. Invited panelists will be able to see their comments immediately by refreshing the page. If you are not an invited panelist, your message will be moderated and will appear on the website shortly afterwards.  Everyone, though, is welcome to read the materials and join in the discussion.

Readings for Seminar available via and Scrbd):

From Scholz, R. W. (2011). Environmental Literacy in Science and Society: From Knowledge to Decisions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

• Chapter 15, “Transdisciplinarity for Environmental Literacy” (pp. 373-404). Focus: how disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approaches inform advancement of knowledge and education; includes delineation of key terms.

• Chapter 18.2, “Case 2: Transdisciplinary Case Studies for Sustainable Regional and Organizational Transitions” (pp. 473-482). Focus: practical lessons from the Transdisciplinary Case Study (TdCS) approach, with example of the TdCS 2002 project on the “Future of Traditional Industries in the Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden” in Switzerland.

The chapters are shared through the Scribd application, but will be removed at the end of the Seminar, so we suggest downloading them for an easier reading experience.

How to read, download, and print the papers through the Scribd application:

In Scholz’s short description of the two texts on, we have inserted links to the online .pdf version. Click on one of these links (such as the Chapter 15 link at the beginning). You will be redirected to a Scribd page in which the text of the chapter is immediately visible online. However, you need to register at Scribd in order to read and download the texts. If you are a Facebook user, you can register by using your Facebook login. Otherwise, just follow instructions on the Scribd registration page.

You can then scroll the text and read it online or, looking at the right hand of the page, see an orange bar that allows downloading the text or printing it. We suggest this option to avoid advertisements on the Scribd page and also to keep browsers on the <> home page of the forum. This option will make participation simpler. Please, do not hesitate to contact Gloria Origgi and the Interdisciplines team at if you have any questions or problems with the text.

More information about INIT can be found on the INIT site ( See you soon at Interdisciplines.


The INIT Virtual Team:

Jennifer Dellner, Britt Holbrook, Julie Thompson Klein, Veronica Boix Mansilla and Gloria Origgi

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