Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles

Part of the “Paris-Saclay Campus”, the Gif Research Center welcomes no less than 900 researchers, engineers and technicians, post-doctoral and doctoral students. In an exceptional multidisciplinary environment, chemists, biologists (structuralists, cell biologists, physiologists, geneticists, bioinformaticians and neuroinformaticians) and physicists study the major human, animal, plant and microbial functions and their alterations in various pathologies.

Research themes at the Center:
- Chemistry, and chemistry/biology interface
- Structural biology and molecular mechanisms
- Molecular complexes and cell functions
- Genetics and genomics
- Morphogenesis, organogenesis and the development of organisms
- Physiology of organs and organisms
- Neurosciences
- Neuroinformatics
- Multiscale analysis and integrative biology
- Evolution, biodiversity and interactions with the environment
- Molecular basis of pathologies and therapeutic innovations

The Center’s goals:
The Center was created in January 2009 as a CNRS Research Federation (FRC 3115) regrouping the 9 onsite laboratories and institutes. Its goals are:
- To define and promote the Gif Research Center’s scientific strategy
- To take charge of the Site’s scientific animation and communication
- To consolidate the Center’s partnerships with its scientific and institutional environment
- To manage and develop Imagif’s high-tech platforms
- To promote training and educational programs
- To manage the administration pool
- To consolidate the Center’s partnerships with the scientific and institutional environment