The adventures continue, however some days are “office days”

**Sorry for the delay on the (supposedly) daily updates. I encountered some internet problems. But I still wrote each day in a word document….so now I just need to spend some time uploading each blog post. Enjoy!

June 07, 2013

It is now the end of my first week here at the laboratory at ENS-Cachan. I expected to be working in the lab today, but the graduate student who is helping me with my experiment was busy analyzing her own project’s data. So, instead of growing bacteria, I spent my time sorting through the vast knowledge of the internet looking for people who I could get in touch with here in Paris.

The ANR (The French National Research Agency) is located here in Paris, which could potentially be a great place to visit. However, most of the statistical information that I was looking for is on the agency’s website, and the institution seemed rather unreachable. I am still trying to figure out the best way to interview the people at ANR. I need to find someone who would be useful to talk to about the structure and history of ANR, however so far I can’t seem to find a way to stick my foot in the door….

Other than that it was not a ground-breaking day. I read articles about science and society, and also analyzed a booklet that the director of LBPA gave me to learn about the work done under his lead. It was a shame to be in the office at Cachan when I did not have work to do in the lab. All I wanted to do today was to read articles of interdisciplinary and philosophy along side of the Seine. But alas, today it was necessary to be in a building forty minutes away from Paris looking out of a window at a parking lot.

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