Microbiology report

July 30, 2013

Well, it is finished. I have learned a lot this week while editing my science report. It is interesting to look at my three posts that attempt to describe the experiments in accessible language and compare those posts to the final draft of the report. They are nothing alike, and that is why, as I said in my last post, the final report is in some ways a failure. It is full of vocabulary that is too abstract for a general audience as well as figures that are unapproachable for a non-scientist.

However, it is kinda fun for me to look at the report and think about how it would have been impossible for me to understand it just two months ago. The amount of biology that I have learned is amazing. I went from having basically no understanding of a cell (beside a high school introduction from a terrible high school….) to being able to discuss the regulatory elements of DNA transcription. That’s pretty neat.

Anyways, attached is the final draft of my report. Please know that while writing this I learned about many mistakes that are in my three posts on the experiments that I conducted these last few months. These mistakes have to do with vocabulary, mechanisms and the flow of the experiments. However, instead of going back and editing those posts I have decided to leave them as a learning exercise. These posts show the transition of a description of a science experiment to an ‘official’ science report…. an interesting progression.

Enjoy: FINAL DRAFT–Report on the activity of the P5 promoter


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