Climate Change & the Research Scientist

Does this make an argument for moving elite research centers–for which the Federal government & corporations pay out an enormous amount of money over many years–to areas that will be less physically hit by global warming… in like, I don’t know, North Texas & Oklahoma? Drought does not seem to be as great of an issue for such centers as flooding.

In the same building that houses Fishell’s lab, cells and tissue samples stored in lab fridges and freezers were destroyed. The generators in the basement were flooded and thus failed to provide backup power after the electricity was lost. “It’s so horrible, you don’t even want to think about it,” Michelle Krogsgaard, a cancer biologist who runs a lab in the Smilow building, told ABC News. “All the work we did, all the time and money, we’re going to have to start all over. We could lose everything we’ve done since I started at NYU 6 years ago.

NYC Science Stunned by Sandy | The Scientist Magazine®.

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