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Ethics in Climate Change

"If we did not take action to solve this crisis, it could indeed threaten the future of human civilization...I believe it's deadly accurate. But again, we can solve it."

Al Gore

An Unprecedented Problem. A Global Solution.

According to the Environmental Justice Foundation, every year climate change is attributable for the deaths of over 300,000 people, seriously affects a further 325 million people, and causes economic losses of US $125 billion. Four billion people are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and 500-600 million people – around 10% of the planet’s human population – are at extreme risk. Who bears responsibility for protecting those whose basic rights are threatened by climate change? What constitutes an ethically justifiable response? These are just a few of the urgent questions raised by climate change. The goal of the Rock Ethics Institute is to partner with scientists, engineers, and policy makers to insure that questions like this do not go unaddressed. Global solutions must be fair solutions.

Climate change poses historically unprecedented challenges and profound ethical questions – but also new opportunities for global innovation and cooperation.

Who we want to reach:

  • Policy makers: those who are engaged in policy discussions, from the local to the global level, and scientists who are informing policy-making processes
  • Teachers: educators in K-12 and university settings
  • Leaders: people of all ages who strive to be ethically informed to Stand up for global justice